The Deep Med Vr Experience

©Les gens bien productions – Andromède Oceanologie


Invisible beauty of nature

A propos du project

In July 2019, the team of diver-photographer Laurent Ballesta spent 28 days at saturation in a pressurized cockpit allowing them to access the 100 m deep zone as they wished, freely and without time limit. They carried out original scientific experiments and brought back rare, incredible images of the deep underwater landscapes of the Mediterranean.
With THE DEEP MED VR EXPERIENCE project, we propose
to experience this unique human adventure that only our four experienced divers can experience. This trip, close to the conditions of space exploration, will offer pure moments of discovery in the heart of our still little known underwater heritage.

Genre Documentary One Off
Format At Home, 360 Video, Installation
Platforme Htc Vive

Les gens bien productions (France), Andromède Oceanologie (France)

©Laurent Ballesta 


Date d’achèvement prévue 01/01/2021
Budget prévisionnel
646 501€
Partenaires à bord CNC and Ushuaia TV


Artiste/s principal/aux Andrés Jarach author and director,
Gil Kébaïli author,
Novelab creative studio
Producteur/s Vivien Lemaignan, Laurent Ballesta

Ils seront présents sur le XR Financing Market

Mélanie van Kempen

Les gens bien productions

Production assistant


les gens bien productions

Producer’s assistant

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