How is the Water

Cyan Planet


Invisible beauty of nature

A propos du project

How is the Water is an adventure VR game, a story of our ocean told intimately through a dolphin’s eyes. It begins with a pod, a family of dolphins who teach you how to hunt and explore in your underwater home. Yet, when your home begins to change as a strange threat begins to invade, you must journey to find its source. How is the Water is an adventure that will take you across a changing ocean, bringing you face-to-face with animals and wonders in danger of disappearing. How far will you go for your family and home?

Genre Other
Format At Home, Real Time Rendered, For Lbe, 6 Dof
Platforme Htc Vive, Oculus Rift, Playstation Psvr, Unity

Cyan Planet (Germany), CGLUX (Luxembourg)



Date d’achèvement prévue 01/10/2021
Budget prévisionnel
750 000€
Partenaires à bord Unity, FFF Bayern, Whale Dolphin Conservation, CGLux, Ocean Sounds, Deutsche Meeresstiftung


Artiste/s principal/aux Michal Lovecky – Producer & Director,
Ninja Mueller – Director,
Marian Ludwig – Technical Director,
Akbar Suriaganda – Technical Artist,
Victor Joron – Game Designer,
Thomas Sanborn – Creative writer,
Lukas Tvrdon – Spatial sound designer
Producteur/s Michal Lovecky

Ils seront présents sur le XR Financing Market

Michal Lovecky

cyan planet ug

CEO & Co-founder

Ninja Müller

cyan planet

COO & Co-Founder

Victor Joron

cyan planet ug

CEO & Co-Founder

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