Forests – Nadasdy film and Zéro de conduite Productions


Invisible beauty of nature

A propos du project

Forests is an immersive and interactive experience that reveals the communication, intelligence and socia-bility of trees, invisible to our eyes. Your car has just broken down on a forest road. It’s a scorching hot day in the middle of a heatwave and your radiator is dry. You have no other choice but to take refuge in the oak forest nearby. You notice that the oaks are suffering, as you are, from the heat. As you approach the tree the ground be-comes transparent, revealing kilometers of roots looking for water in the depths of the earth. Streams of light spread and whirl around you, you feel vibrations, and woody scents tickle your nose — all these things carry your into their world. The trees invite you to communicate with them. And so, how will you com-municate with them?

Genre Other
Format At Home, 6 Dof, Installation
Platforme Htc Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest

Nadasdy Flms (Swizterland) Zéro de conduite Productions (France)

Forests – Nadasdy film and Zéro de conduite Productions 


Date d’achèvement prévue 01/02/2021
Budget prévisionnel
235 159€


Artiste/s principal/aux Fabienne Giezendanner cowriter and director, Marcel Barelli co writer, Igor Carteret graphiste, Thomas Rouvillain sound designer, Ernst Zürcher ( Trees specialist), Ben Froger art FX design, Remy Guttin Art modeling, texturing and lighting design, Romain Perrault animator, Antoine Boucherikha musician
Producteur/s Nicolas Burlet, Fabienne Giezendanner

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Fabienne Giezendanner

zéro de conduite productions


Antoine Boucherikha

next sound lab

VR Director

Thomas Rouvillain

next sound lab

VR Director

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