New LATAM Voices : projets sélectionnés

Découvrez les projets sélectionnés pour participer au workshop “New LATAM Voices”, organisé dans le cadre de la 5ème édition du festival et de son focus sur l’Amérique latine, en partenariat avec Garage Stories.

Ce programme vise à réunir les talents émergents d’Amérique latine avec des créateur·rices venu·es du monde entier pour impulser, faire avancer leurs projets dans un esprit collaboratif et ainsi, faire naître de nouveaux récits et de nouvelles représentations du continent. En savoir plus sur le workshop.


Créateur·rice — Maria Jose Diaz

Catégorie — Theater, Documentary, Installation, Virtual Reality

Thématiques — Environmental, Culture and arts, Experimental, Animation, Documentary, Interactive, Natural sciences, Latin America, Kids

Pays — Chili

Profils recherchés — 3D Artist, Creative Artist, Animator, XR / Interactive Designer, Visual Concept, Graphic Designer, Actor / Voice

Technologies — 3D animation, 6DoF, Installation, Interactivity, Ambisonics sound, 3DoF, Virtual Reality

Stade de développement — Early stage work-in-progress

Synopsis — There is an ancient Inca prophecy, which says that in the difficult times of the planet, harmony will return when the condor and the eagle fly together again. The condor represents the indigenous peoples, and the eagle represents the globalized world. This is a magical journey through the worldview of the Q’ero community of Peru (the last Inca), which redefines the relationship between humanity and Mother Earth in an immersive experience that breaks the physical limits of reality.

Ancestral Secret VR is a sensory virtual reality experience, located in the magical landscape of the Q’ero community, in the heights of the mountains of Peru. The user embarks in a virtual pilgrimage through the mountains, going up to the community of the last Inca.


Créateur·rice — Elder Manuel Tobar

Catégorie — Art, Fiction, Documentary, Installation

Thématiques — Science-fiction, Social issues, Interactive, Latin America, Experimental, Meditative, Culture and arts, indigenous futurism and Ancestral Futures

Pays — Colombie

Profils recherchés — 3D Artist, Technical Artist, Visual Concept, XR / Interactive Designer, international ressource management or PR

Technologies — AR, 6DoF, Augmented Reality, Installation, LIDAR Scanning, Interactivity, Volumetric capture, Pop-up book, Photogrammetry

Stade de développement — Work-in-progress with prototype

Synopsis — The Codex of the Future tells stories that mixes ancestrality with futurism in search of creating new ways of imagining the future itself. In order to achieve this the Codex utilizes narratives generated through virtual reality, augmented reality, physical objects and interpersonal interactions. The Codex of the Future attempts to subvert the general idea that locates First Nation populations in the
past, far from technology, perpetually suspended in the concept of the « noble savage ». In contrast, the Codex details forward thinkng cosmogenies, wishes and perceptions regarding the future and the nature if time itself. The Codex creates a space for collaborative creation through creative laboratories in cities, at
universities, public entities, etc, as a way if shaping and reimagining reality and ways of seeing the world through the use of the pedagogical tools developed through this project.


Créateur·rice — Juan Manuel Codó

Catégorie — Art, Fiction, Live performance

Thématiques — Animation, Fiction, Interactive, Drama, Science-fiction, Thriller, Society / Political, Sciences and technologies, Social issues, Women

Pays — Argentine

Profils recherchés — Actor / Voice

Technologies — Real time engine, Ambisonics sound, Haptics, Interactivity, 3D animation, 6DoF, Stereoscopic 3D

Stade de développement — Early stage work-in-progress

Synopsis — The Company, is the story of a woman named Thelma. A woman obsessed with work but who also has fun in her free time. Thelma is in the middle of an active job search, she checks linkedin every day, and when she can update her Skills profile to be well positioned, one day she gets the notification of her life. She is called for an interview at the best company on the planet « The Company ». Everything seems to be unbelievable amazing, but the interview quickly turns wicked and dark. Based on a system of interactive actions, Telma must define her future, her present and her personality.


Créateur·rice — Sebastian Barronuevo

Catégorie — Fiction, Art

Thématiques — Drama, Horror, Mystery

Pays — Equateur

Profils recherchés — 3D Artist, Technical Artist, Animator, Actor / Voice, Producer / Co-producer

Technologies — Augmented Reality

Stade de développement — Idea / concept

Synopsis — Stevie and Alan, two completely different people, desperately looking for Ari’s company, will do anything to win the love of this beautiful damsel, meanwhile the twisted mind and heart of Stevie and
Alan will play a dirty trick on them. The future project to be built tries to look from the perspective of a person with mental problems such as schizophrenia and mental disorder such as psychopathy, seeing and hearing the
events that these people suffer, making them see that they are not the same mental illnesses while telling a dramatic and romantic fictional story through virtual reality.


Créateur·rice — Fabio Rychter

Catégorie — VR Interactive Narrative

Thématiques — Animation, Science-fiction, Interactive

Pays — Brésil

Profils recherchés — Technical Artist, Actor / Voice, Producer / Co-producer

Technologies — 3D animation, Artificial Intelligence, Real time engine, Motion capture, 6DoF

Stade de développement — Idea / concept

Synopsis — “Killing Philip” is a VR interactive multiplayer narrative experience about the relationship
between a virtual A.I. named Philip and a human being. Think Blade Runner, Westworld, Ex Machina, Her. This story has been told many times but there is a key difference in the way we are going to tell it. In general, while we watch those movies, we cringe as we follow the naive main character falling for the
robot / A.I./ replicant. Looking from the outside, we are certain that we would never be that guy. In “Killing Philip” we want to prove you wrong. We want to make you believe that that character in front of you has somehow become aware of his sad condition as a digital being and needs your help to escape
his terrible fate.


Créateur·rice — Emilia Yang

Catégorie — Art, Documentary, Fiction, Indie Game

Thématiques — Documentary, Interactive, Latin America, Society / Political, Social issues, Women,

Pays — Nicaragua

Profils recherchés — Technical Artist, Actor / Voice, Producer / Co-producer

Technologies — 3D animation, Photogrammetry, Mixed Reality, Haptics, Interactivity, Ambisonics
sound, 6DoF, Installation, Hand tracking, Multisensory (heat, wind, scent…), Performance

Stade de développement — Early stage work-in-progress

Synopsis — In 2018, as a response to peaceful protests, the Nicaraguan government committed crimes against humanity by killing over 300 protestors. This first-person VR experience centers memories of
state violence as a foundation for storytelling. The viewer’s journey follows the memories of a female activist in the midst of the uprisings and construction of memorials in the victims’ communities. The audience learns about the immense loss of lives and how the victims’ families continue to fight for truth while challenging the government’s efforts to erase their memories. Moving through the narrative, the user can choose to experience the action from either a safe house or
the street’s frontlines. If the user elects to participate in the streets, they witness the protesters’ efforts to protect their communities with barricades and medical aid.


Créateur·rice — Maria Cecilia Reyes Redondo

Catégorie — Music, Fiction, Indie Game

Thématiques — Culture and arts, History, Social issues, Music, Interactive, Fiction, Myths / Traditions, Latin America, African

Pays — Colombie

Profils recherchés — 3D Artist, Developer, XR / Interactive Designer

Technologies — 3D animation, 6DoF, Ambisonics sound, Hand tracking, Interactivity, Stereoscopic 3D

Stade de développement — Early stage work-in-progress

Synopsis — Immerse into the mythical village of the Colombian Caribbean coast where Cumbia was born. In Pueblo Santo, the indigenous Amacumbié cosmogony intertwines with a depiction of Colombia’s history of colonialism and violence, challenging the interactor to understand this past, overcome evil and restore the balance by playing and dancing Cumbia’s original melody. Pueblo Santo is a VR musical trip that takes the interactor to a mythological town on the Colombian Caribbean coast. The experience is based on the story of Pueblo Santo, a typical Colombian Caribbean town that suffered a massacre.


Créateur·rice — Mauricio Lopez

Catégorie — Fiction

Thématiques — Animation, Latin America, Fiction, Interactive, Urban Stories, Tourist Attraction, City Branding

Pays — Chili

Profils recherchés — Animator, Actor / Voice, XR / Interactive Designer, 3D Artist, Director / Co-Director, Producer / Co-producer, Creative Artist, Visual Concept, Developer

Technologies — 3D animation, 6DoF, Ambisonics sound, AR, Real time engine, Augmented Reality, Interactivity

Stade de développement — Idea / concept

Synopsis — Santiago de Chile: A city of 40 very different districts governed as separate towns. Home to 6 million people, and the number keeps growing. A noisy megapolis leaned against the wall of the Andes mountain, lined with pomegranates, lemons, and oranges growing all around. The survivor of many earthquakes, proudly holding on its shaky ground the tallest building in Latin America. Once the poorest
capital of the Spanish crown; now the most advanced, safe, and prosperous city in the region. Our source of inspiration is the “Paris, je t’aime” movie (2006), an anthology of 18 short films of multiple
genres about the capital of France. “Santiago, te amo” picks the same premise and creates a VR collection of ten animated stories that happen in different parts of the city.


Créateur·rice — Melisa Jimena Iglesias

Catégorie — Art, Fiction, Live performance, Audio Fiction, Murals art with augmented reality

Thématiques — Animation, Fantasy, Latin America, Kids, Women

Pays — Uruguay

Profils recherchés — Animator, Composer / Sound Designer, Graphic Designer, Developer

Technologies — AR, Ambisonics sound, Augmented Reality, Animation

Stade de développement — Early stage work-in-progress

Synopsis — It is a triptych of murals with augmented reality that invites children and adults to travel through seas and dreams, immersing themselves with its protagonist in the literary work « Take me » by the Uruguayan author Mercedes Calvo and the Spanish illustrator Yolanda Mosquera. A white wall, a bit of magic and a cell phone is all you need to live a unique experience in the department of Colonia. A girl who dreams. A grandmother who awaits her beyond time. Up on a paper boat, in the care of the moon, a girl ventures into her dreams. In the journey, the ocean is a companion and on its surface of salt
water, the words sing with a special sonority. On an island, a mandarin tree invites our navigator to approach the shore. There is a party there, hugs, gifts and a grandmother, her grandmother, who bakes
delicacies. Prose and verse to talk about family love.


Créateur·rice — Aurora Fernanda Aquino Garcete

Catégorie — Fiction

Thématiques — Drama, Fiction, Interactive, Social issues

Pays — Paraguay

Profils recherchés — Composer / Sound Designer, Technical Artist, Producer / Co-producer, 3D Artist, XR / Interactive Designer

Technologies — Ambisonics sound, Interactivity

Stade de développement — Early stage work-in-progress

Synopsis — Sara is a plastic artist obsessed with her thinness. On the last day of the year, she begins to paint a new work. Doing so, she relives the insecurities of the past in her workshop and tries to endure
abstinence from eating. Each room in her workshop reflects her state of mind: in the space, Sara feels withdrawal; in the kitchen, the robberies; in the workshop, guilt; and in the toilet, the self-scourge. While in the outside world, life is celebrated, in Sara’s inner world, the disease consumes her, and the distortion of reality is accentuated. The artist advances with her latest work between the need to express her immense pain and the pleasure it gives her to express herself through her paintings, where she
immerses herself in a sea of dreams that she may not achieve.

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