Priam GIVORD is a senior digital artist, designer & technologist. He was born in France, lived in Canada for over 10 years and works on Toronto and Paris, France-based projects. Priam is an artist and interactive designer with a career focused to date on the digitally mediated spatial experience of things. This encompasses 2 intersecting, mutually reinforcing streams: Commercial, R&D and Academic. Since he graduated from the Applied Arts in Paris and obtained his DEA from Paris VIII University, he has designed and built large high-end interactive installations, through his own company, for clients ranging from the “Daily Planet” TV show, the National Film Board of Canada., to Minto real estate developments in Canada. His works encompass interactive technologies ranging from large multitouch surfaces, hardware, Google Glass, to VR and videogame engine-based applications. His work has been exhibited internationally at venues such as the New York Museum of Moving Image and the prestigious SIGGRAPH conference in California.

Academic: Priam also teaches & writes curriculum for universities like NYU and OCADU. His current notable works include the VR museum installation Small Wonders which can be viewed on YouTube at, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc4MA8srQDM This VR installation was attached to an NYC MET exhibit, it was shown worldwide and has been awarded at the 2017 The American Alliance of Museums award. Priam is currently leading a large museum VR application project on British warship models from the 1600’s in which the public can « shrink » and visit the models inside within a historical context narrative.

Poste Interactive Art Director, Computational Designer
Société Freelance
Pays FR
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