The Taiwan XR Residency call for projects is now open !

13 January 2022

In partnership with the Kaohsiung Film Festival and the French Office in Taipei, the Taiwan XR Residency takes place every year now since 2019! With a grant of €10,000, it offers a French artist a unique experience to develop his/her project in Kaohsiung (Taiwan).

📣 Until March 31, if you are a French artist or an artist living in France with an XR project in development, participate now in our call for projects Taiwan XR Residency!

💫 Advantages: 

  • ✔ six to eight weeks residency in Kaohsiung (Taiwan)
  • ✔ endowment of €10,000
  • ✔ all inclusive
  • ✔ personalized support and mentoring sessions
  • ✔ connections with the local XR ecosystem

Try now your chance to develop your project in Taiwan!

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