Anne-Lise MILLER

Graduated from the Sorbonne in Cultural Mediation, Anne-Lise carried out her first years of professional experience with the director Bartabas, a pioneer of equestrian theater and known internationally with his company Zingaro. In 2017, she joined DVgroup, where she grew her interest in the immersive, discovering the possibilities offered by the encounter of live performance and new technologies.

She thus participated in the adventures of numerous immersive theater installations in virtual reality, which would meet with undeniable international success. This will be the case in particular for Alice, the Virtual Reality Play (2017), Marie Jourdren and Mathias Chelebourg, The Horrifically Real Virtuality (2018) by Marie Jourdren, The Roaming: Wetlands (2018) by Mathieu Pradat, Umami (2018) , by Thomas Pons and Landia Egal, PLAY! (2018) in collaboration with the choreographers of I Could Never Be a dancer and the musician Roscius.

In 2021, she joined La prairie productions to produce the multi-user immersive experiences of Mathieu Pradat, pursuing the ambition of democratization of a medium in which she believes, which engages viewers in the depths of themselves, with unprecedented sensations and emotions, allowing them to explore a whole new side of the art of storytelling.

Job Producer
Company La prairie productions
Country FR
All the guests

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