Asha Easton

Asha is currently the KTN manager for ImmerseUK, where she is responsible for helping to grow the immersive tech ecosystem for the United Kingdom. She works at the intersection of all innovation happening in industry – between big corporations & SMEs adopting the tech, the immersive startup community, university R&D labs, and government. Some of her duties include, but are not limited to: leading on ImmerseUK’s enterprise program focusing on architecture, engineering, construction & manufacturing, working with BAFTA to bring the gaming community closer to big industry, and helping to deliver InnovateUK’s Audience of the Future Investor Accelerator. Asha is also a VR producer and an active member of several VR groups including; the London chapter of Women in Immersive Tech (WiiT), which helps to support women in the industry, and the VR Diversity Initiative (VRDI), where she has taught workshops to up-skill underrepresented groups in media and technology.

Job KTN Manager ImmersiveUK
Company ImmerseUK
Country UK
All the guests

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