Charlotte-Amélie VEAUX

After learning philosoophy and geopolitics at la Sorbonne, Charlotte-Amelie worked 3 years at bluenove, a open innovation and collective intelligence consulting firm. The, she co-founded UXmmersive with Yann Garreau, a media dedicated to immersive experience. The project was launched in 2019 with a one-year worldtrip to test various experiences (tech and non-tech, in different sectors such as marketing, education or art).

After having tested more than 100 experiences, interviewed as many people, Yann and Charlotte are now dedicated to their new project : Onyo.

They are now author, producer and distributor of Onyo’s immersive audio experience.

They are creating “pauses of wonder” with ecological fable, to live in a 15 minutes experience. Their creations are mostly based on binaural sound, with interactive lights.

Their first creation, the Tree of light, takes their participants into a ritual of the living. They are currently working on their second story.

Job Co-founder
Company Onyo
Country FR
All the guests

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