John HSU

John Hsu is part of a three-people team that is responsible for all projects involving AR/XR/360 technology. Since joining YahooTV in late-2018, John has led several cross-functional projects with internal teams and clients. His main responsibilities include producing 360 travel program 《360 Tour》, serving as project manager for several AR/XR events and main contact for international XR content sharing. The projects he has managed include 2019 & 2020 Verizon Media Summit, 2020 XR Golden Awards ceremony, 2020 Namewee Virtual Concert and many more. Since 2019, Yahoo New-Tech team has won over 25 industrial awards including 1st place in Event Marketing Award by Campaign, 1st place in Digital Singularity Awards, 1st place in Agency & Advertiser of the Year Award and more.

John Hsu graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University with a BA degree in English Language and Literature.

Job Content Producer
Company Verizon Media
Country TW
All the guests

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