Julie Desmet Weaver, author and director, is engaged in the exploration of writing in immersive new scenic devices, to bring new experiences to the audience and to initiate meetings around literary, visuals and sonores stories.

Since 2017, Julie Desmet Weaver has been involved in the exploration of writing including digital language, in order to offer new experiences to the viewer and to initiate meetings around literary, visual, sound and interactive stories. In January 2018, she won the prize of the Cine Corps Festival for the presentation of a film-dance concept for virtual reality.

She imagines for the centenary of Boris Vian in 2020, an immersive and interactive show inspired by the novel of Boris Vian : L’ ECUME DES JOURS Rêverie virtuelle et sonore. Her project has been hosted in residence at the CENT-QUATRE in Paris in December 2018, and receives support from The fond’action Boris Vian and ADAMI Experience Day as an Art Innovant Project. https://www.cie-underground-sugar.com/l-ecume

Julie wishes, then simultaneously offer to the public a complementary and autonomous virtual reality experience after or before the show L’ECUME DES JOURS. She imagines for THE CUBE an immersive and interactive structure of Black Euphoria : an original experience

Job Author and Director
Company Underground Sugar
Country FR
All the guests

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