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Molécule is an unclassifiable musician, sometimes considered as an UFO in the musical scene. For a long time associated to the dub and abstract hip hop tendencies of the 2000s, he began in 2010 a more electronic shift.

Molécule considers music as a way to live his life through incredible adventures. In 2013, he started a five-week odyssey aboard an industrial trawler. He took his home studio with him, to compose a music as closely as possible to the storm. It resulted in the album « 60°43’ Nord », composed in situ, in the extreme conditions of the North Atlantic Ocean. An adventure that also offered us a musical diary (collection of texts & photos) and a documentary.

In February 2017, Molécule left for 5 weeks in Greenland. Out of this voluntary exile emerged a taut and contemplative album «-22.7°C», from the sounds of polar nature recorded on the spot.

Job Musician
Country France
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