Yael Naim

10 years ago, Yael Naim has made a dramatic entrance into the music industry with the song New Soul.

After this initial success, she patiently built a life as a musician producer, director and visual artist alongside her artistic partner and producer David Donatien. Three of her albums were rewarded with a “Victoire de la musique”.

The collaborations for the last album confirmed Yael’s unique status : anthology duet with Brad Mehldau, a clip directed by Stromae, writing for Françoise Hardy, Yoann Bourgeois or Raphaël Navarro, in particular.

In 2019, Yael started writing new songs. These songs are delicate and intimate, written and composed alone, during the night. Songs recorded by the one and only company of an exceptional choir, the Zene ensemble. Songs released on “Nightsongs” in March 2020 as a difficult and strange time began for all the inhabitants of this planet.


Job Musician, producer and director
Country France, Israel
All the guests

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