Meet the jury of the 7th NewImages Festival

5 April 2024

As the 7th edition of NewImages Festival approaches, we are honored to introduce the exceptional jury responsible for evaluating the works in the XR Competition. 

Shari Frilot

Sundance Film Festival figurehead Shari Frilot plays a crucial role as New Frontier’s Senior Programmer and Chief Curator. With over two decades of experience, Shari has guided thousands of artists towards the development, presentation and success of their projects. A visionary, she anticipated the impact of interactive and immersive narrative forms, contributing to the rise of virtual reality, augmented reality and more. Shari continues to inspire through her unwavering commitment to independent artists, and her work bears witness to her indelible influence in the world of interactive storytelling.

Amandine Gay

Amandine Gay is a director, producer, author and activist who perfectly illustrates the power of storytelling as a tool for emancipation. She defines herself as a political author, since her writing is protean. Her works, such as Ouvrir La Voix and Une Histoire à Soi, explore profound themes from a unique perspective, underlining the importance of narrative reappropriation. In founding Caïssa Productions, Amandine continues to shake up the norms and enrich the cultural landscape with powerful, much-needed voices.


Molécule, aka Romain De La Haye-Serafini, is an electronic music composer, producer and DJ. An adventurer, both literally and figuratively, he enjoys confronting extraordinary experiences and territories to feed his imagination and extract extraordinary sonic and visual material. Through his daring expeditions and his love of field-recording, Molécule creates deep, immersive techno that takes on its full dimension in captivating live performances. His approach makes him a pioneer in the contemporary audiovisual landscape.

Together, our jury brings a wealth of perspectives and expertise to the competition, reflecting NewImages Festival’s spirit of innovation and diversity. Their remarkable backgrounds and dedication to creativity shape an ideal framework for celebrating emerging talent in the field of extended reality.

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