NewImages Festival is proud to honor the Latin American immersive creation.

Although the new digital imaginary transforms the vision of the South American continent, creative innovations are also a great opportunity for the South American civil society and its recent diaspora to reappropriate their representations, impose their multiple facets!

NewImages Festival is pleased to question the way in which digital creation allows today’s Latin America to tell its story.
And this through :

  • An exceptional selection of immersive projects representative of the diversity of Latin American cultures and creativity. The works can be discovered at the Forum des images and under the Canopée des Halles.
  • The Shaman Light, the new project by Paulina Donoso and Gabriel Torres co-produced by the Forum des images and the UDLA (Universidad de las Américas). This work, which had its world premiere at the NewImages Festival, is inspired by the ritual purification (Limpia) practiced by the indigenous communities of the Amazonian forest.
  • Two panels: to learn about the industry and immersive creation in Latin America, in addition to an unpublished case study on Prison X. NewImages Festival igives the floor to creators from Latin America, the opportunity to learn more about their experiences in immersive creation, as well as the structure and functioning of the immersive industry in Latin America. In addition, the festival is also honored to highlight the Bolivian project Prison X!
  • An artistic installation: mural by Hernan Ricaldoni. The famous Argentinean artist will paint a magnificent mural inspired by the Amazonian fauna and flora. You will be invited to admire the creation of this exceptional work that the artist will realize live for the festival!

At the Forum des images and beyond, the heart of Paris will vibrate to the colors, rhythms and cultures of these artists whose exceptional works play with archetypal representations, both narratively and formally.

The Shaman Light – Paulina Donoso
Case study : Prison X project
Fresco by Hernan Ricaldoni

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