“Game Design and Narration in VR” workshop with Loïc Flameng

8 February 2024

The “Game Design and Narration in VR” workshop, held on January 30 at the Forum des images, marked a key moment in NewImages Hub’s approach to supporting creators. Led by Loïc Flameng, a professional in the world of narration and virtual reality (VR), this workshop was a unique opportunity to explore the many facets of narrative creation in immersive spaces.

Who is Loïc Flameng?

Loïc Flameng is no novice in the field of artistic creation. His career, which began in theater as an author and director, has led him to embrace the world of virtual reality. He now focuses on scriptwriting and podcasts, and since 2015 has specialized as a VR scriptwriter and narrative consultant.

The ambition to support creators

The workshop kicked off with a presentation by Loïc Flameng, in which he shared his career path and introduced writing methodologies specific to VR. He stressed the importance of combining approaches from film, theater and video games to enrich XR creation. This introduction not only highlighted the challenges of immersive writing, but also paved the way for further reflection on the narrative possibilities offered by VR.

The session then gave participants, all XR project owners or scriptwriters, the opportunity to submit their work to Loïc Flameng’s expertise. This direct interaction provided an opportunity to discuss concrete aspects of XR project development, from script conception to staging, as well as technical and production aspects. A kind of emulation emerged as the discussion progressed. Participants were able to discuss the script, staging and feasibility of various projects.

Review and outlook

The format was very much appreciated by the various stakeholders, and we in the NewImages Hub team are pleased with how the event went, and look forward to organizing further initiatives of this kind in the future.

This workshop is part of a wider approach to supporting and promoting talent in the XR sector, underlining NewImages Hub’s commitment to being at the heart of artistic and technological innovation.

We would like to thank Loïc Flameng for his commitment and sharing of expertise, and all the participants for their enthusiasm and creativity. The “Game Design and Narration in VR” workshop is just the beginning, and we look forward to continuing to explore the possibilities of immersive creation.

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