Immersive Museums: A Pillar of Industry Days at the 7th NewImages Festival

8 April 2024

As the 7th edition of NewImages Festival approaches, the Forum des images is gearing up to host a series of exciting discussions centered on several themes, the first of which we present today is “Immersive Museums”. As part of Industry Days, this exploration offers a window onto the integration of extended reality (XR) in museums, highlighting the challenges, opportunities and innovations shaping the future of museum experiences.

Reflecting on the place of XR in museums

The launch of the “Immersive Museums” initiative marks an important step in understanding the role of XR technology within cultural spaces. The presence of XR works in museums raises crucial questions about the curation, installation and conservation of these innovative works. With Pauline Brouard as keynote speaker, the keynote on April 24 promises to immerse the audience in the current and future challenges of immersive spaces within museum collections.

Roundtables: diversity and richness of discussion

Industry Days will feature several roundtables with internationally renowned speakers, offering a plurality of perspectives on enriching museum experiences with XR. From the conservation of XR works to the design of future virtualities in museums, these exchanges promise to engage deep reflection on the qualities and strengths of XR pieces for institutions and their audiences.

The round table “How can extended realities enrich museum experience?” moderated by Pierre-Yves Lochon and featuring speakers such as Jane Alexander, Saskia Bakhuys, Nicolas Gendrault and Luke Kemp, will address the opportunities that XR offers museums.

Curating XR works, discussed in another panel led by Mark Atkins, with Shari Frilot, Myriam Achard, Stephanie Targui and Maria Grazia Mattei, promises to explore the challenges and opportunities of presenting immersive works.

Finally, the conservation of XR productions will be the focus of a final round table, also moderated by Mark Atkin, featuring experts such as Louise Lawson, Gyger Patrick, Giovanni Franchina and Giorgio Vitale, to discuss the preservation of this emerging artistic heritage.

Workshops linked to the “Immersive Museums” theme

In addition to the round tables, Industry Days will also feature workshops specifically designed to explore certain aspects of the “Immersive Museums” theme.

Business model for producers and cultural venues around XR production and operation

Led by Pierre-Yves Lochon, this workshop invites participants to explore the economic aspects of producing and using XR content in cultural contexts. Discussions and case studies will examine various economic models adapted to XR production and sustainable exploitation, opening up perspectives on financing possibilities and pricing strategies adapted to the XR ecosystem.

Designing a digital art project with a heritage dimension

Under the direction of Thierry Noel, this workshop will focus on the design and development of digital art projects that enhance cultural heritage. Participants will be guided through design strategies and creative techniques to fuse digital technology and cultural heritage, creating digital art experiences that are both meaningful and captivating.

Aiming for a cultural revolution

Through these discussions, NewImages Festival aims to open up the world of immersive creation, placing it at the heart of contemporary cultural dynamics. The festival’s commitment to promoting immersive creation underlines its pioneering role in the evolution of art and culture. Industry Days promises to be a must-attend event for professionals and enthusiasts alike, eager to understand and participate in this cultural revolution.

You desire to come to the festival?

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