Immersive Stages: Exploring the performing arts through XR at the 7th NewImages Festival

9 April 2024

The 7th edition of the NewImages Festival, scheduled from April 24 to 28 at the Forum des images, promises a deep immersion into the intersection between XR technology and the performing arts under the theme “Immersive Stages”. This series of conferences and workshops aims to explore how extended reality (XR) is revolutionizing the performing arts, tackling issues ranging from the spectator experience to blended real and virtual performances.

A new dimension for the performing arts

The “Immersive Stages” keynote, hosted by Philippe Cohen Solal on April 26, looks at the transformation of cultural experiences through the prism of virtual worlds. With the advent of XR technologies, new ways of engaging audiences are emerging, from virtual dance and concerts to immersive theater, highlighting the immense potential of XR to captivate and immerse audiences in unprecedented artistic experiences.

Round Tables: Challenges and Perspectives

Industry Days will also feature a series of roundtables aimed at deepening the understanding and applications of XR in the performing arts:

  • Becoming a spectator/actor: When the audience takes the stage: Moderated by Virtual Switzerland’s Laetitia Bochud, this discussion will explore the immersive interaction possibilities offered by XR, reducing the boundary between actors and spectators.
  • Mixed scenes: This round table will address the integration of XR into various artistic practices to enrich and innovate the performing arts, with a panel of speakers including Vincent Ciciliato, Rémi Large, and other leading figures in the field.
  • Virtual plays, real play: a reflection on the development of virtual stage spaces, moderated by Laetitia Bochud, with the participation of Toby Coffey from London’s National Theatre and other innovative artists.

Workshops linked to the “Immersive Stages” theme

Two workshops complete the “Immersive Stages” program, offering participants the opportunity to explore the challenges and creative solutions linked to the use of XR in the performing arts:

  • Creating for XR stages: new challenges: Led by Bruno Corsini, this workshop will focus on the challenges of designing and implementing XR experiences on stage.
  • Involving your audience in new XR experiences: Delphine Beauchamp will lead a discussion on creating engaging and interactive XR experiences, with an emphasis on active audience participation.

NewImages Festival’s “Immersive Stages” theme reflects the festival’s ongoing commitment to exploring the boundaries of artistic and technological creation, offering professionals and audiences alike a unique platform to discover and debate the future trajectories of the performing arts in the digital age.

To find out more about “Immersive Stages” and the other Industry Days themes, as well as to accredit yourself and take part in these enriching discussions and workshops, visit the links below:

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