NewImages African season

The audio series talking about the panafrican vision of extended reality.

Newimages African season podcast invites the listeners to discover talents and decisions makers from the african continent talking about their approach of extended reality, virtual reality, augmented reality. The serie intend to dive into the new technologies to speak about ancestors, ancient story, traditions, present and future. 

This series is produced by the NewImages Festival.
Interviews and coordination: Camille Jeanjean / Sound designer and editor: Nicolas Mollet / With the voices of: Valentine Gatard, Pierre de Rougé, Alexandre Duval, Abi Mcneil / Graphic Design: Chia-Shan Chang.

# EP5 Ainslee Robson

Interview with the Ethiopian-American director, Ainslee Robson. « VR definitely is an incredible tool to be able to create my own world and immerse viewers in this perspective »

# EP4 Brian Afande

Interview with the co-founder of Blackrhino VR, Brian Afande, based in Kenya. « I think Africans have to decolonize their minds and explore this new paradigms.» 

# EP3 Joel Kachi Benson

Interview with the awarded nigerian documentary filmaker, Joel Kachi Benson  « transports your viewers to a different place, to a different time and put them in this places as if there are there, that’s the power of VR» 

# EP2 N’Goné Fall

Interview with the general exhibition curator for the Africa2020 Season, N’Goné Fall. « This digital creation is a global community without colors, without borders.» 

# EP1 Xabiso Vili & Sonwabo Valashiya

Interview with the poet Xabiso Vili & graphic designer Sonwabo Valashiya, « We are creating spells to offer people the capacity to listen and start shifting the world around them » 

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