NewImages Festival unveils its competitive selections

18 May 2019

VR Competition

How far will VR take you?

This year, we selected a dozen projects out of the hundred or so that had been submitted. Twelve projects, all diverse in their content, country of origin, and approach, but all of stellar quality. They are part of our official competition, and can be experienced in the Forum’s main spaces. Dive right in!

The prizes: The Masque d’or (“Golden Mask”, Grand Prize – €10,000) and the Special Prize (€5,000). And, in partnership with Scam, the Prize for New Forms of Storytelling (€5,000). Members of the jury will be announced soon.

  1. A Fisherman’s Tale
    Balthazar Auxietre, Alexis Moroz – Innerspace VR, ARTE
    France, 2019, video game, 20 min or so, French

  2. Abandoned Temple (International Premiere)
    Wei-Hao Cheng – Kaohsiung Film Archive, Dramaholic Media Studio
    Taiwan, 2018, fiction, 9 min, English

  3. Aripi
    Dmitri Voloshin – Simpals Studio
    Moldova, 2019, animation, 7 min, English

  4. Ayahuasca
    Jan Kounen – ATLAS V, a_BAHN, Small Studio
    France, 2019, experimental, 15 min or so

  5. Gloomy Eyes
    Jorge Tereso, Fernando Maldonado – ATLAS V, 3DAR, ARTE, RYOT, HTC Vive
    France, 2019, animation, 9 min or so, French

  6. Mr. Buddha (European Premiere)
    Chung Lee – Cher Wang, Szu Ming Liu, HTC VR Content Center
    Taiwan, 2018, fiction, 19 min, Chinese with English subtitles

  7. Mechanical Souls (European Premiere)
    Gaëlle Mourre – Digital Rise, Serendipity Films, DVgroup, Kaohsiung Film Archive
    France-Taiwan, 2018, fiction, 30 min or so, English

  8. OPUS VR (French Premiere)
    Michael Kovich Jr. – Al Mango
    Paraguay, 2019, fiction, 18 min or so, Spanish with French subtitles

  9. Pneumo Hacker (French Premiere)
    Kuan-Yuan Lai – Poké Poké Creative & Redbit Pictures, Innolux Education Foundation
    Taiwan, 2019, fiction, 11 min, Chinese with English subtitles

  10. RocketMan 360
    Millo Simulov – SPIDER Group
    Romania, 2018, fiction, 20 min, English

  11. Wolves in the Wall: It’s All Over
    Pete Billington – Fable Studio, Facebook Sound+Design
    USA, 2019, animation, 20 min or so, English

  12. 7 Lives (European Premiere)
    Jan Kounen, Charles Ayats, Sabrina Calvo – Red Corner France Télévisions, a_Bahn, Frakas Productions 
    France, 2019, fiction, 20 mir or so, French

Interactive digital experiences (excluding XR)

Along with PXN (Digital Experiences Producers Association), NewImages will also highlight creativity in hybrid formats – excluding VR. PXN will distinguish five works from around the world (fiction, interactive documentary, video game, mobile app, etc.), and the PXN prize will be awarded to one of them during the festival.

  1. Clit-moi
    Jeunes pousses : NFB x UQAM interactive school
    Canada, 2019, mobile educational game, 5 min, French

  2. Florence
    Mountains (developer), Annapurna Interactive (publisher)
    USA, 2018, interactive story, French

  3. One Last Beat
    Héctor Monerris Ivorra
    Spain, 2018, interactive story, English

  4. Missing
    Kylie Boltin, Matt Smith – SBS Australia
    Australia, 2019, interactive documentary, English

  5. Otis (ep. 1)
    Casey Stein – Nukhu
    USA, 2018, interactive story, 7 min, English

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