VIRTUAL, the Franco-Brazilian podcast that talks about the reality from another angle, the virtual one!

VIRTUAL*, a new Franco-Brazilian audio series to make virtual reality vibrate. In each episode, two XR professionals – a French and a Brazilian – question one specific aspect of their experience in depth. How can the virtual help us to push back the limits of our bodies? How can it transform love into a new experience never lived before? To what extent sound is an essential aspect for the creation of immersive works?

* VIRTUAL is a project by the Audiovisual Services of the French Embassy in Brazil, the Consulate General of France in Recife and the NewImages Festival.

# EP 1: O Amor (Love)

Oriane Hurard, writer & producer / Mariana Brecht, narrative designer & writer

Two women, two directors, question our relation to love in the virtual world.

* In French*

* In Portuguese *

# EP 2: O Corpo (Body)

Pyaré, XR director / Fabito Rychter, writer & director

Two directors, one question: where does the body fit in the virtual reality experience?

* In French *

* In Portuguese *

# EP 3: A Musica (Music)

Roman Rappak, founder of the Miro Shot collective / Ana Ribeiro, creative director of “Pixel Ripped”

He is director, she is game designer. Both of them are interested in our relation to sound and music in an immersive experience.

* In French *

* In Portuguese *

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