Launch of the first VR residency in Taiwan

Driven by a desire to explore new kinds of storytelling and promote the creation of immersive experiences, the NewImages Festival, the Kaohsiung Film Festival and French Office in Taipei are launching the very first French-Taiwanese VR residency, in Kaohsiung!

Over three months, it will give a French creator or foreign national living in France, a unique opportunity to develop his VR project in a supportive environment, and in direct collaboration with key figures from the Taiwanese industry.

The Kaohsiung Film Festival and the NewImages Festival are proud of this initiative designed to foster crossborder exchange, with a guarantee that completed project will be showcased in the next editions of these two festivals. The selected creator will be announced at the closing ceremony, on Saturday 22 June.

In partnership with Kaohsiung Film Festival and French Office in Taipei

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