Independent creation in times of COVID-19. The impact of pandemic on XR artists.

Panel Olivier Fontenay (CNC), Amaury La Burthe (Novelab), Anja Smith (Potential Synergy), Bracey Smith (Potential Synergy), Ana Brzezińska (Kaleidoscope)

Lockdown and recession have impacted countless freelance artists and media creators. Many industry members declare losing income, or even facing an end to their creative practice. How has a collaborative approach risen and could a co-creative mindset become a foundation for the new reality? How do the artists react to the crisis? And to what extent the pandemic can be seen as an opportunity to revise rules and values of the young XR industry?

In partnership with French Immersion and Kaleidoscope.
The online discussion is a part of FR//XR: a joined initiative of French Immersion (a program led by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the USA) and Kaleidoscope.

Format Panel
Language English
Date Thursday 24 September at 8pm
Duration 45'

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