Ibaaku : Alien Cartoon

Show Ibaaku

The show tells the story of a hybrid born from the love of an Alien and a human.

Carried by waves of ancestral rhythms, Ibaaku guides you with his sonic poetry in an African city of the future where extraterrestrials interact with earthlings.

 It is not a DJ set but a show that transports you to the Afro-futuristic universe of a new African era where the visual (VJing) merges with the producer’s music. Do not wait to discover “Alien Cartoon”, one of the most innovating  A/V show on the west african scene.

Senegalese producer Ibaaku’s Alien Cartoon album actually started out as the soundtrack to Selly Raby Kane’s black fantasy fashion show. Thankfully, it blossomed into a collection of electronic dance music that motivates you to move your body and imagine distant, extraterrestrial inhabited worlds. OKAYAFRICA

Ibaaku defines himself as a sonic poet. Producer / vocalist he is very active since the early 2000s on the Senegalese hip hop scene with the LZ3 collective.. Restless audio explorer he is today a rising figure of electronic music on the African continent.

In partnership with Organisation internationale de la francophonie

Format Live Show
Duration 45'

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Thursday 24 September - at 9:15pm Online
Virtual World @VRChat -
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