MOA – My Own Assistant

XR Competition | World Premiere (LBE)
MOA - My Own Assistant © Charles Ayats | Red Corner
MOA - My Own Assistant © Charles Ayats | Red Corner

“MOA” is an augmented reality application for smartphones. Adapted from the novel “Les Furtifs” by Alain Damasio, it lets your delve into the futuristic urban world the novelist imagined. It’s 2040: the actual urban architecture hasn’t changed, it’s the augmented reality overlay that transforms the city. Public space is overrun with surveillance and marketing. But your personal assistant is there to help you navigate it all: it follows you everywhere you go, making life effortless.

Lead Artist Charles Ayats, Franck Weber, Alain Damasio, Frédéric Deslias
Production Red Corner, France Télévisions, Le Forum des Images, La Volte, le Clair Obscur, Small Studio, Chroniques (France)
Genre Experimental
Duration 20'
Year 2020
Language French or English
Format AR


From Wednesday 23 to Sunday 27 September - from 10am to 7pm, free access - level -3, Patio

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