Pompeii, the VR Experience

Out of competition | Ubisoft selection
© Ubisoft, Gédéon, Rmn-GP, Parc Archéologique de Pompéi
© Ubisoft, Gédéon, Rmn-GP, Parc Archéologique de Pompéi

Created for the Pompei exhibition at the Grand Palais, opened since July 1st, this experience lets you live the dream of an archeologist: visit Pompeii as it was before its destruction.

Immersed in the actual ruins of the Maison au Jardin, you are asked to find an antic object. Equipped with a time-turning ray, and guided by the hints that will be given, scan the walls to reveal the antic Domus, lavishly furnished and decorated, and find one of the archeological treasures of Pompeii. Once you have identified the object, a true journey back in time operates…


Credits: an experience created and directed by Ferdinand Dervieux, co-developed by Ubisoft and Ferdinand Dervieux, thanks to the 3D reconstitutions by Aristeas. A co-production GEDEON Programmes and RMN-Grand Palais, in partnership with Pompeii Archaeological Park, co-financed by EU’s program Creative Europe.

Creator, director Ferdinand Dervieux
Dev. Ubisoft, Ferdinand Dervieux
In co-production with GEDEON Programmes, RMN-GP
In partnership with Parc Archéologique de Pompéi
Co-financed programme Europe Creative
Genre Documentary
Duration 5'
Year 2020
Format VR


From Wednesday 23 to Sunday 27 September - from 10am to 7pm, free access Canopée (Westfield Forum des Halles) - level -3, Patio

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