On your joysticks, ready? Let’s play!

22 February 2024

The Forum des images is excited to unveil its latest programming at POPUP’Station, which is fully in line with the sporting and playful theme of “Fair-play“, celebrated from February 2 to March 22, 2024.

In the spirit of the Cultural Olympiad (in the framework of Olympic Games), we invite sports fans and video game enthusiasts to explore the concept of fair-play. This new program promises to immerse you in a universe where games and sports meet in a spirit of competition, but also of a disconcerting reinvention of the notion of sport!

The program features three games that redefine the rules:

What the Golf?: This is a hilarious twist on golf that takes you from one course to the next, each with more astonishing surprises than the last. Get ready to question everything you thought you knew about golf!

Ultimate Chicken Horse: This platformer turns level-building into a feast of mischief. Set traps and complete challenges in real time, in a crazy race where your friends become your greatest rivals.

Stick Fight: The Game: Dive into the arena as stickmen, those emblematic figures of the Internet, for crazy battles where physics plays unpredictable tricks.

How do you get involved?

POPUP’Station welcomes you with free access, ready to plunge you into these unpredictable universes under the theme of sport. Pick up a free ticket at the Forum des images reception desk to borrow a controller in exchange for a piece of ID. Our receptionists are on hand to guide you through the adventure!

Open during Forum hours, the POPUP’Station has two game stations, so two groups can play simultaneously at peak times!

Come and challenge your friends!

We invite you to discover the new facets of POPUP’Station, where video games and sports meet in a spirit of camaraderie, competition and, above all, fair play. From multiplayer challenges to cooperative adventures, our space promises memorable moments during your visit to the Forum!

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