A virtual festival by NewImages and VRrOOm

To enter VRChat, have your login and password from your accreditation confirmation. A practical guide with the steps to follow will be soon available on our website for accredited professionals.

Access to panels, talks, pitching sessions at the XR Financing Market, meetings and events broadcast live… to experience the festival from the inside, even on the other side of the world.

The 360° experiences of the XR Competition are accessible from VRChat, where you can also find the Viveport portal for a NewImages selection of eight experiences in 6DOF (until September 27)

For this borderless edition, NewImages Festival reinvents itself and creates in partnership with VRrOOM a virtual space to welcome festival-goers from all over the world. Celebrating a community resolutely turned towards new usages and tools, it is also an opportunity to offer greater access to the experiences and program of the festival.

Thus, from Wednesday September 23rd, the virtual space in VRChat will be accessible to all 2020 accredited people.

A dematerialized place thought exclusively for the festival, in the colors of digital creation and virtual worlds.

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