XR: a brighter future of media and entertainment?

Panel Deborah Papiernik (Ubisoft), Colum Slevin (Facebook), Ethan Stearns (MWM Interactive), Sarah Steele (Youtube VR), Axel Scoffier (UniFrance)

Communication and entertainment have moved from physical to virtual by necessity, but there are many reasons to think that the new normal will equal digital. How will the post-pandemic reality impact the media market? What are the chances that extended reality becomes mainstream sooner that any of us expected? How do the biggest players see the future of home-based entertainment and XR in relation with other forms of entertainment (movies, games)?

In partnership with French Immersion and Kaleidoscope.
The online discussion is a part of FR//XR: a joined initiative of French Immersion (a program led by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the USA) and Kaleidoscope.

Format Panel
Language English
Date Thursday 24 September at 7pm
Duration 45'

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