XR Financing Market

Leading coproduction market in Europe for the funding of immersive works

Across the world, new talents are emerging. Through films, games, art installations and performances, with the technologies or virtual and augmented reality, they are inventing new ways to tell stories. Now, they can add interactivity and immersive experiences to their narrative universes, enabling them to engage with a broad audience.

XR Financing Market is a unique funding and co-production market, entirely dedicated to original, immersive content. It brings together artists, producers and key industry figures sharing a common purpose: to create a meeting space where future immersive art masterpieces can be discovered, pitched and financed.

In September 2020, given the exceptional circumstances, XR Financing Market will be held online (pitching sessions, individual and pre-arranged meetings)! This way, we want to make sure that all international professionals will be able to attend and support XR creators and ecosystem.

Decision Makers

Are you in interested in buying, co-producing or commissioning immersive works? Do you want to meet selected producers?

Please contact us for your accreditation. Registration deadline: July 31.


Creators, producers

Submissions are now closed and we thank you for your participation. The list of the selected projects will be announced mid-July.

Contact us

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